It is one of the most important cattle species in the world. It has spread to many countries in the world. It is one of the leading races in terms of milk yield, if necessary. The Simental race is also given the name "Yellow Alaca".

The homeland of Simental cows was Switzerland. It is a cattle race spread from Switzerland to many countries of the world.

What are the characteristics of mental cows?

Simental cows are a type of cow that feeds on both the milk and the meat. Because of this, Simental cows are called "combined breeds".

The colors of the simental cows are generally of two colors, white and yellow or white and red. So it&39;s a white color with the shades of red. Despite having two colors, the head is especially white. Particularly forehead and eyelashes are completely white.

Simental cows are horned cow species. Both men have horns in their teeth.

Simental Male (Simental Taurus)

There is a significant difference in size between males and females in Simental cattle. For example, the average weight of men is between 1200-1300 kilograms while the average weight of the females is around 750 kilograms.

We mentioned that Simental cows are one of the species that are good at producing meat as well as milk yield. Such cows have meat yields of & lt; 49 & gt; The meat quality is high. It also has a delicious meat. In particular, African and European countries prefer and grow their Simmental cows due to their extraordinary milk yield. It is a cattle species that feed on the flesh in the countries of the continent.

Since Simment cows are a good breed in terms of milk yield, annual milk yield is around 6000 liters

The milk of Simental cows is in the ratio of fat to fatty milk. It has an oil content of about 49.4&49;. The milk of Simental cows has a value of & lt; 49; 3.5 in terms of protein ratio. Simental cows have a higher value of milk quality than holstein cows, which are regarded as the world&39;s most fertile wheat.