Imuzin Cow breeding has recently begun to be widespread with imported cows. Limousine cow breeding is based on the fact that the offspring of cattle breeds are getting more beef

The limousine cattle breed of cattle breeds is supported by the state to support limo cow breeding to meet the meat needs of our country.

In order to spread the limousine cattle breeds in the fattening races class in our country, the import of limousine cows started.

Limousine cattle raki is supported under the name of breeding meat for cattle breeding in order to spread in our country. For this reason, what is the characteristics of limousine cattle raki, how are their characteristics?

Limousine Cattle Breed:

Limousine cattle raki is the homeland of France. Since the first breeding ground in France is the limousine region, this name-bearing limousine cattle race was first seen as a milk-raising animal. However, later on, the meat was used in cattle breeding as the direction was heavy.

Limousine cattle raki is a cattle breed in the forefront of breeding cattle breeding in the world

The color of limousine cattle livestock is light red color. Female animals are slightly lighter than males. Limousines are present in the horned ones, even though the nose and eye sides of the cattle raki animals are light colored and have bovine rabbits without horns.

Limousine Cattle Breed Features:

The limousine cattle, which have a calm appearance, are full of features and features of pasture.

Since the firstborn calf body structure is delicate, limousine cows are easy to deliver. Because of this feature, several cattle breeding studies have been carried out.

The quality of the meat of the limo beef livestock is extraordinary because meat is fat-free and fine-grained.

Although the muscle structure is excellent, the bone structure is thin and dense. This ensures that the meat efficiency is high. It is important for fattening breeds.

The limousine is fertile in cattle raki animals. They are resistant to external conditions and have no adaptation problems.

Yield Characteristics of Limousine Cattle Breeding:

The limousine cattle breed animals have adult weights of 600-700 kg. for men, 900-1000 kg. average. Some male limousines can reach 1300 kg live weight if they are in the extract.

The rate of utilization of feed in the limousine raki cattle is higher. Live weight increments can average 1000-1300 days / gr. Its efficiency in the vicinity of & lt; 49 & gt;

Birth weight in the feces is 35 kg in the teeth. for men 40 kg. The average is. Male adolescents reach a mean of 530 kg of live weight when they reach one year of age. These characteristics are the characteristics that must be included in the breeding races.

Daily milk yield of limousine cows is around 10 liters.

The limousine cattle raki animals benefit from the more exotic beef cattle because of the above mentioned characteristics. Cattle breeds used in breeding cattle breeding in the world.

Limousine cow breeding is understood to be a very important feature in raising cattle cattle, limousine cattle characteristics.