Frequently Asked Questions ?

Do your shoes fit your credit?

Yes, because all our downs are blue certified, the bank is suitable for credit.

Which countries do you serve?

From all European Union countries.

Which races do we get?

We import all breeding animals in Europe.

How many can we get?

At least 5 can be taken. (Specification of the Ministry)

Are we selling nutritional supplements?

We can not import fattening as a private sector because the meat fish corporation imports fattening itself. We will do it in the future if the import of private sector imports is allowed again.

Do we have to choose the heifer?

Yeah. You can choose for yourself.

Why can not we give a price in general?

We can not give a general price because everyone has different demands and criteria.

How many heifers can we get?

Pregnant heifers: simmental and montophon pregnant heifers can import at least 5, Holstein pregnant heifers at least 100 heads. Empty heifer: at least 100 heads.