The motherland of Montofon cattle is Swiss. Some say it is Austria. It is a combined cattle breed and is grown both as a Montofon milk animal and as a meat animal.

Montofon rakı cattle are grown all over the world because of their high adaptability to climate, care and nutritional requirements. Montofon raki animals can be trained in all terrain conditions, regardless of geographical structure. The adaptation to the land conditions is perfect. It is an ideal pasture animal.

The color of the Montofon racial animals is darker, darker towards the gray. On his back is a light-colored ester line, according to the color. The nasal tip, the neck tip and the tail tip are black. The inside of the ears and the tits are light. The body is plump and sturdy. It&39;s big and big. The breast structure is full and flat. Montofon cats are usually without necks. Montofon men can have short and blunt horns.

Montofon sows are more resistant to natural conditions than other cattle breeds, so montifon cows can be used as breeding montifons until 9-10 years old. There is no loss of efficiency of the Montofon cincture.

It is cultivated in all regions in our country and it is done in crossbreeding study. Montofon slaves and montofon calves have not been seen to be harmonized with Turkish conditions.

Since our country is more durable than the other cattle breeds, montifon cows have been used as breeders until 14-15 years of age.

The Montofon rakı cattle are a combined breed and are fed for both milk and flesh.

Yield: The Montofon Reed which is grown under the conditions of our country is 500 - 600 kg in live weight. It is around. Montofon bull live weight is 700 - 900 kg. It is around. A normal montoponan cow gives milk around 5000 liters in a lactation. Montofon oil ratio in the milk & 49; Three, six.

Montofon calves have high fattening ability. Montofon, taken under good care and nutritional conditions, provides 800 to 1000 grams of live weight gain per day. The randuman in action & 49; It&39;s around 60.

The Montofon cows are more conceivable animals than the other cattle raki cows. Montofonian cats are better suited to body strength and disease than other cattle racial cows.

Due to these characteristics milk and fattening animals are grown in our country. Montofon prices in the Turkish market is very good and is sought.

Montofon cattle are preferred by our breeders because of the four seasons in our country.