30 percent of the purchase price of at least 20 chickens and 200 chickens of heifers will be given as grants to the breeders who are cattle holders registered with TÜRKVET by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.


Murat Şahin, Provincial Director of Food, Agriculture and Livestock "At least 20 heads, 200 head heifers, 30% of the heifer purchase price shall be given as grants to the breeders who are cattle holders registered in TÜRKVET in other provinces, which are determined as Ministries breeder regions and Ministry of Culture, climate structure and breeder culture. for the year will be applied for 30 days between September 11 and October 10, 2017. Our breeders will be able to buy from the races of Simment, Red / Black Angus, Hereford, Limousine, Sharon and Belcika Mavisi in combination and racial races within the scope of heifer purchase support. the basic unit price is 8.500 TL and for 8-13 month empty passenger it is 5.000 TL Our growers will be able to apply to the Provincial and District Directorates they are affiliated to Believe that it will be very beneficial for our region which has high added value for our country and our country in agriculture and animal husbandry we believe that this project will be favored by our breeders and I wish that it will be good for our province. "

 Applications for purchase of heifers will be made personally to the Provincial / District Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorates between September 11th and October 10th.

 Conditions to be sought in real and legal persons to be found in the application are explained as follows;

 To be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and to be 18 years of age from 26.08.2017.

 It is required that the current certificate or the legal entities (union, company, etc.) that the owner has cattle operation registered with the TURKVET system together with the application that the operator has one of the founders / partners has business with the specified conditions.

With the operating capacity, the requested operating capacity and the number of animals requested will be compatible.

 Real and legal persons must be independent of the public. Civil servants, public workers or academic staff employed at State Universities may not apply. Growers / producers can benefit from investment credits and tax incentives.

 Legal entities state that they will engage in activities related to investment in grant schemes in their charters / main contracts.

 Authorized committee and / or bodies of applicants and organizations to be present; To apply for support under the decree, and to be authorized in the implementation of the applications.

 Regardless of the capacity for the same enterprise, applications made by a grower / producer will not be processed. 

Applications can not be reapplied for the same enterprise under the grants previously utilized for the breeding animal donation from the Ministry or other public institutions and organizations. 

Heifer purchases; Heifer Cultivation Centers, Disease Free Companies, TİGEM, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives and partners / members, breeder / producer organizations and central unions.

 The breeder can not sell or transfer for 3 (three) years except for coercive reasons after the payment of the basic fee for the grant within the scope of the grant contract.

For this purpose, the provincial / district directorates check on-site at least once a year and link the minutes. Expenses for the purchase of live animals after and after the signing of the grant contract are assessed within the scope of grant support within the framework of the principles specified in this Communiqué.